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Touratech QV 4

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This version of the software is now replaced by Touratech QV5

Touratech QV - The new Reference in Navigation Software. You are looking for a navigation software which will satisfy all your needs?
Which is adaptable to your individual requirements?
Which you can use on all continents and with a wide spectrum of different map types?
If this is what you are looking for have a closer look at Touratech QV!

Compatibility with GARMIN-MapSource-based Maps
TT QV 4 will read and write MapSource-compatible Maps and will directly upload them to your Garmin-GPS!
Now you can take advantage of the huge range of Garmin-compatible maps available in the internet!
You can also create your own maps directly in Touratech QV and upload them to your GARMIN!
(Please note that original Garmin MapSource products with activation codes can be used in QV but cannot  be uploaded to GPS receivers. Also note that the original Garmin MapSource products are only compatible up to the City Navigator 8; - version 9 NT of the City Navigator will NOT work!).

We have completely modified the GPS-Online-mode for a very simple off-road and street navigation!
Optionally, Touratech QV will provide voice-guided navigation and will display  traffic jams directly on the map screen (this will require a compatible GPS-receiver).
We also implemented a touchscreen user interface for oprtimal comfort when navigating with a tablet-PC in your cockpit!

Compare several tracks, laps or
training runs at a glance.
Who was fastest where?
Where can improvements still be made?

Trackprocessor with Comprehensive Track Processing
Devide, compare, change, recalculate training laps and much more...

Trip planning  with automatic calculation of the
route or altitude profile and upload to your GPS unit!

Interface to Google-Earth
Load waypoints, tracks, routes and even map sections perfectly into Google Earth!

And all these features are standard in Touratech QV anyway:

  • Compatibility with GPS-receivers of leading manufacturers
  • Unexcelled range of compatible maps
  • Comfortable  route planing  and easy upload to your GPS unit
  • Integrated geographic database with 5 million entries
  • Perfect orientation due to Multi-Plotting in several map windows
  • Organisation of all data in a professional data base
  • NAVTEQ on board: Touratech QV comes with a NAVTEQ map of main European roads (except QV Light)

This version is the ideal platform for all traditional navigation tasks. Route calculations are possible using NAVTEQ maps with optional voice-guided routing capability. An extensive location database is included as well as worldwide overview maps. In addition to waypoints, tracks and routes, suitable maps can be converted to GARMIN format and transferred to the corresponding GPS units. Additional features are: photo album, map overlay, multimap with up to 3 map windows and configurable menus and window layouts. Supplied on CD with a manual or as a download version. The Roadbook editor is available as an optional plug in.

pdf.jpg Touratech QV Standard functions list

Slide Show
Digital photos can be linked directly to the recorded track. In the same way Internet links with special info can be implemented and called up with a click of the mouse.

Versatile Printing Functions

All maps can be printed with any scale you like. You can select and move the map sections to be printed easily with the mouse. Thus it is possible to print over several pages perfectly.

NAVTEQ- and GARMIN-MapSource maps can be used as an overlay on
satellite pictures or other raster maps!
Using our NAVTEQ map you can easily activate or disable certain map layers like road categories, rivers, railroads or setllements.

Integration of Digital Elevation Models
Digital elevation models can be integrated into Touratech QV. This will not only give you the altitude information at each cursor position, you can also create true 3D views of  the terrain (with or wthout map overlay). Digital elevation models are also needed for creating altitude profiles in diagrams.

German manual (online help and PDF-manual in English on CD)

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