Iridium Motorola 9505A + Postpaid 1 year subscription


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Iridium Motorola 9505A + Postpaid 1 year subscription

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2 160,00 € tax incl.

Iridium is the only provider of true global coverage consisting of 66 satellites in polar orbite.

The Motorola 9505A is designed for rugged outdoor use.

It transmits voice and data up to 2400 bps using a computer connected with an optional kit data.

The 9505A is sold with a complete kit of accessories.

The main characteristics are:

  • Voice and data transfers, up to 2400 bps
  • Global coverage
  • SMS transmission
  • Handled phone
  • Complete kit
  • Additional accessories for an indoor or a maritime use


  • Size: 158 x 62 x 59 mm
  • Weight: 375 g

Terminal specifications:

  • Screen: Back-lit - Indications: 4 lines Text of 16 characters
  • Other: Vibrating battery - Repertory 100 names


  • Data rates: up to 2 400 bps


  • Type: Lithium ion 2230 mAh
  • Life: 3.6h in transmission - 36h in stand by
  • Consumption: 0.57 W


  • Operating conditions: With battery: -20°C to +60°C - Other: -30°C à +60°C

Accessories included with the terminal:

  • Battery
  • Car charger
  • Power adaptor and international plug kit
  • Antenna adaptor
  • Magnetic antenna
  • Leather case
  • Ear set

pdf.jpg Technical datasheet


Postpaid subscription for 12 months minimum - phone calling without limitation.

One postpaid SIM card provided.

Monthly subscription: 45,06 € HT included. Activation fees offered

You will be invoiced monthly, access on communications details on request.

Payment by direct debit on your account

Communication cost detail

Iridium to PSTN or GSM networks0,90€ HT / mn
Iridium to Iridium0,55€ HT / mn
Iridium to other sat networks8,28€ HT / mn
Iridium to voice message0,55€ HT / mn
Iridium to DATA session1,11€ HT / mn
Incoming call via US gateway1,11€ HT / mn
SMS0,32€ HT / SMS

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