Pack Security On Board : SOBvMAX + AIS Receiver + VHF-AIS Antenna + C-Map Mega Wide Chart zone


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Pack Security On Board : SOBvMAX + AIS Receiver + VHF-AIS Antenna + C-Map Mega Wide Chart zone

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Turn your Laptop and GPS into a Chartplotter using C-Map Charts and SoftwareOnBoard!

SOBvMAX is a PC-based navigation program which, when loaded with C-Map charts and connected to a GPS gives real-time on-screen chart positioning and details such as speed and heading.

sob_3d.pngYou can enable additional features and functionality by connecting other on-board NMEA instruments ie. AIS receiver, Autopilot, LOG, Sounder, Radar and Wind Instruments.

  • Award winning C-Map vector cartography providing global coverage
  • Navigate using Routes and Waypoints
  • 3D view
  • Points of interest
  • Animated tides
  • GRIB files support
  • Tidal range graphs
  • Layline display from boat and waypoint
  • AIS target display capability (requires additional hardware)
  • MARPA target display capability (requires additional hardware)

Chart Compatibility
  • C-Map MAX/PC Wide and Megawide Chart CD's
  • C-Map NT+/PC Wide Chart CD's
  • C-Map MAX C-Cards, MAX SD Cards or NT+ C-Card Chart Cartridges (requires C-Map USB Multi Media Card Reader).
C-MAP MAX Cartography Features

MAX: The Ultimate Navigator, brings electronic charts to life. See NavAids on-screen exactly as they appear through your pilothouse window. Get "at-a-glimpse" information about current strength and direction. Even view an aerial photograph of an unfamiliar inlet before you enter.

MAX gracefully combines unparalleled levels of chart accuracy and detail, striking presentation and a huge collection of new value-added data. Building on the incredible success of C-MAP NT+ (voted Best Electronic Charts by the NMEA for 6 consecutive years), MAX infuses a new generation of chart plotters and PC's with lightning fast, knockout performance plus real-life accuracy and detail.

max_pc_features7.jpgNew Value Added Data
  • Multi-Media Objects such as aerial photos and diagrams of marinas.
  • Seamless Coastal Roads.
  • Points of Interest (POIs)

Tide and Current Data

  • Fully animated worldwide
  • Tides and Currents database

Dynamic Elevation Data

  • Land Elevation Contours (15 levels)
  • Bottom Depth Contours (32 levels)

Perspective View

  • Displays the chart in a new Perspective (3D) mode
  • Chart can be panned/zoomed
  • Provides a new dimension to the traditional Rolling Road GPS display

Dynamic NavAids

  • NavAids can be animated to show their correct flashing light sequence.
  • Only NavAids that are within their nominal range of the vessel are lit.
  • Sectored Lights are shown in the correct color based on boat's position.
  • The NavAid's name can be displayed below the NavAid symbol.

New MAX MegaWide Coverage

The New MegaWide charts offer unbelievable value for money and are ideal for cruising yachtsmen. Every single chart is included for the area covered (at all scales), as well as all the new Value-Added Data (coastal mapping, aerial photos, etc.).

Zone C-MAP MAX Wide included to choose

arrow_green.gifC-MAP cartography


Dual channel AIS receiver Serial & USB - integrated GPS + antena - CYPHO-101G

An AIS receiver is designed to receive the safety and navigational data from vessels equipped with Class A or Class B AIS transponders. Having an AIS receiver is the easiest way to add on more safety to your vessel.

The AMEC AIS receiver, CYPHO-101 series, is designed to offer greater flexibility comparing with the competitors. The economical model, CYPHO-101E, is equipped with NEMA 0183 which allows connecting with major maritime equipments. The advanced model, CYPHO-101G with integrated GPS receiver, is especially designed for leisure mariners. The RS-232 and USB interfaces enable laptop linkages and USB port can support power supply under emergencies. Furthermore, IPX5 waterproof provides extra protection against challenging environment on the sea. The whole CYPHO-101 series has gained CE/FCC conformity, and passed IEC 60945 tests. It will be your smart choices ensuring you with happy and safety journey.

  • Receive & monitor data of Class A & Class B AIS broadcast.
  • Viewer program included with 2 viewing modes: Radar View and Alphanumeric View.
  • Advanced collision avoidance system effectively enhanced the situational awareness.
  • Fully corresponds to the IMO issued technical specification.
  • Dual channel Receiver design.
  • NMEA 0183 interface providing high compatibility with major AIS-ready navigation systems.
  • RS 232 interface, PC / Laptop connecting enabled.
  • GPS enabled
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • CE / FCC approved.
  • 9-30V Power Supply.
  • GPS / AIS Antenna included
  • Connectors :
    • VHF : Type M female (PL259)
    • GPS : TNC female

The TNC female - PL259 male adaptor (for connecting VHF antena to AIS receiver) is included for each simultaneous order of AIS receiver and optional antena.

pdf.jpg Datasheet

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