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Detector of Radar Mer-Veille

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Effective assistant to avoid collisions, DETECTOR OF RADAR MER-VEILLE warns the sailor of the functioning of a radar in its close environment. A sound alarm associated with clairvoyants allows to locate the radar source and to appreciate the distance.

Since 1998, MER-VEILLEbenefited from several improvements, the last one integrates a more powerful microprocessor offering new functions: Acquittal: a key ( ACK) allows to eliminate radars detected by the sound alarm. The alarm will start again when the radar the signature of which was remembered gets closer or if a new radar is detected. Alarm clock / timer : programming of an alarm clock by slice from 10 minutes till 1 hour, manual stop. Local radar (Option) : the connecting of a small case to be arranged under the radome of the onboard radar (local antenna) allows the simultaneous functioning of MER-VEILLE and of the onboard radar. Output NMEA For connection to a PC. Sending of the characteristics of the radars received.

Switch 3 Positions
0 = Stop: device except tension.
1/2 = Lookout: the green led quickly flashes. The passage of a radar activates a short pip sound, the duration of the pips increases with the near of the radar and conversely. < Br > 1 = Watch: the green led flashes slowly. The passage of a radar activates a long sound pip. The listening of the sound pips allows the analysis of the distance.

Setting of the sensibility
1 to 10 miles according to the detected radars and the position of the antenna.

Sound Alarm
2 levels of duration of alarm according to the position of the switch:
1 = long sound pip in every passage.
1/2 = short sound pips indexed at the level of energy received.

Localization Leds
4 red Leds of localization of the radar:
1 lit led = radar in the indicated sector.
2 lit leds = radar between both sectors.
3/4 lit leds = very close radar.
The central green led helps in the night-location of the red leds.

Omnidirectional in 4 sectors, specially conceived for the maritime radars (bands X and S). Waterproof molded case ABS.
Ø on the base: 80 mm.
Ø in the summit: 65 mm.
Height: 75 mm.
Weight: approximately 150 g.
Fixation by central screw.

MER-VEILLE has an unimportant consumption, we advise to use it permanently.

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