Foldable and waterproof solar charger 5V 4W



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Foldable and waterproof solar charger 5V 4W

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Thin-film photovoltaic technology is perfect for charging many consumer products. Lightweight, foldable and durable, their solar cell designs are a proven product already used in space, military equipment, and large grid systems. Their consumer products are designed to charge and maintain your batteries and provide power for your 5V portable electronics including cell phones, PDA devices, and MP3 players. These solar products are great for campers, hikers or anyone who spends extended time outdoors.

Solar technology is a flexible, foldable, and durable solar product that produces enough power to charge 5V products rechargeable, flash lights, lanterns, cell phones, GPS units, satellite phones, MP3 players and portable games.

These panels have a polyurethane coating and are lightweight, flexible, weatherproof and durable. CIGS (copper indium gallium diselenide) solar cells, a material proven to be stable, and provides higher efficiency than other flexible solar cell technologies, including amorphous silicon.

Panels cannot be used to charge large Lithium Ion or NiMH batteries but can be used for small Lithium Ion and NiMH batteries such as those that are in personal electronic devices 5V (cellphones, iPods, etc).


Typical current at STC* (mA) 800
Nominal Operating Voltage (V) 5V
Typical Power (Watts) at STC* 5
Maximum Power (Watts) 4
Cell Temperature Operating Range -40 ºC to 80 ºC
Folded Dimensions 227 x 127 x 12,7 mm
Deployed Dimensions 637 x 227 x 0,7 mm
Weight 0.178 kg

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