12V-220V professional portable solar kit for raid and adventure



12V-220V professional portable solar kit for raid and adventure

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The professional portable solar kit is tailor-made to power notebooks, PDA, GSM, video games, radios HF, GPS, pumps 12 Volts or lighting in full desert or on a isolated site. This kit is made with a 220V/12V-150W portable solar generator and a 25W-12V foldable and waterproof solar panel.

220V-12V-150W portable solar generator

Protected in a compact and seals case PELICASE, the nomade solar generator converts the solar energy in electrical energy and stores it in its integrated battery. The stored energy will be used to power directly, in 12 Volts or 220 Volts, all your electrical equipment.

Technical characteristics of the 220V-12V-150W portable solar generator

  • Output power max : 100 Watts under 220 Volts or 10 Ampères under 12 Volts
  • Output power peak max: 150 Watts
  • Total reserve of maximum energy : 225 Watts
  • Battery capacity : 18 Amps / hour
  • Autonomy without sun, with batteries completely charged : 12 to 18 hours max
  • Maximum closed-circuit current recommended for a use 24 h / 24 h : 0,7 Amp
  • Standards and certifications : Def Stan 81-41 / STANAG 4280 / ATA 300
  • IP 67 : immersion to 1 meter during 30 minutes
  • Dimensions (cm): 43 x 24,4 x 34,1
  • Weight : 9,3 kg

This product is supplied with :

  • 1 buffer battery
  • 1 converter 12 Volts/220 Volts with AC plug and USB plug
  • 1 powerful voltage regulator
  • 1 voltmeter to know the battery charge level
  • 1 amp-meter to control your production
  • 2 females cigar-lighter connectors to supply or charge your equipment 12 Volts
  • 3 plugs for flexible solar panels and a storage area for the cables and accessories
  • All necessary connector to the optimal use of the 25 Watts flexible solar panel

25W-12V foldable and waterproof solar panel

The 25W foldable solar panel is ideal to charge and supply the portable solar generators, the laptops with a portable auxiliary battery, the batteries of vehicles (boats& ) and generally all electronic devices when you are far of a plug. Impermeable and light, it's ideal in marine context.

Charging time

Portable electronic equipments25W solar panel
Mobile phones / PDA / SmartPhones / GPS1-3h
MP3-MP4 players / Portable games1-3h
Numeric cameras / Video cameras1-3h
4 refillable accumulators AA2-4h
Portable battery Tekkeon MP34XX4h
LED6h (x8)
Lap top computers4-8h
12V batteries (car, motor home, motor bike, boat, ...)12h

The charging time are given as an indication and depend on the material used as well as quality of exposure to the sun.

Technical characteristics of the 25W-12V foldable and waterproof solar panel

  • Nominal current : 1,5A max.
  • Nominal voltage of the system : 12 V
  • Nominal voltage : 16,5V max.
  • Power max : 25W
  • Range of temperature : -40 °C to 80 °C
  • Guarantee : 1 year
  • Folded (cm) : 28 x 21 x 1,8
  • Opened (cm) : 102 x 55 x 0,8
  • Weight (g) : 770

This product is supplied with a female cigarette lighter cable, a male cigarette lighter cable, a cable with 2 grips (for batteries) , a connector for battery charger and a extension 2,4 m.

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