Miniplex S-AIS NMEA multiplexer


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Miniplex S-AIS NMEA multiplexer

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The MiniPlex-S-AIS is our basic model NMEA multiplexer, offering 4 galvanically isolated NMEA inputs, 2 NMEA outputs and one RS-232 interface.

The MiniPlex-S-AIS can be connected to a computer through the RS-232 interface for computerized nagivation. Stand-alone operation is also possible, in which case the RS-232 interface is only used to configure the MiniPlex-41. This configuration is stored permanently.

The two NMEA outputs (talker ports) allow distribution of the NMEA data to up to eight instruments.

The MiniPlex-S-AIS is completely transparent to NMEA data. Incoming data is simply stored and forwarded as complete NMEA sentences to the connected instruments and/or PC.

Operating modes

The MiniPlex-41 has three modes of operation, which affect the routing of NMEA data:

Server:Data received on the NMEA inputs is sent to the computer. Data received from the computer is sent to an NMEA ouput.
Hub:All received data (on the NMEA inputs and from the computer) is sent to an NMEA output.
Auto:Automatic selection between Server and Hub mode. This is a useful feature for people who have a GPS and an autopilot connected to the multiplexer, and sometimes wish to sail without taking their laptop on board. When the laptop is not connected, the multiplexer is in Hub mode and crosstrack- and waypoint information from the GPS is directly sent to the autopilot. When the laptop is connected and sending data, the multiplexer automatically switches to Server mode and the autopilot will receive crosstrack- and waypoint data from the laptop instead.
This mode also serves as an emergency backup: when the laptop or computer crashes, the multiplexer will fall back to Hub mode after a timeout of 10 seconds.

Seatalk® Conversion

When the Seatalk -> NMEA option is selected, NMEA In 4 becomes a SeaTalk® compatible input, offering conversion of the most common SeaTalk datagrams on a Raymarine® network into NMEA sentences.

Supply voltage:8-30VDC, secured against reversed polarity.
Current consumption:40mA (70mA max. with fully loaded talker ports)
Inputs:4 x NMEA-183/RS-422, galvanically isolated. One input is autosensing between 4800 bps and 38400 bps, in order to adapt to the high speed data of AIS receivers
Output:1 x RS-232, 2 x NMEA-183/RS-422.
Operating modes:Hub, Server and Auto
Buffers:5 buffers of 1000 characters (4 x NMEA, 1 x RS-232).
Speed NMEA in:4800 bps (4800/38400 on input 3)
Speed NMEA out:4800, 9600, 19200 or 38400 Baud
Dimensions:138 x 62 x 30mm

Warning : MaxSea Easy and v12 users : Serial Splitter software is needed if an AIS receiver is connected to the system.

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