Miniplex Bluetooth NMEA multiplexer


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Miniplex Bluetooth NMEA multiplexer

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The MiniPlex-BT is an advanced model Bluetooth® enabled NMEA multiplexer, combining data from up to four navigation instruments into two NMEA outputs and, a wireless Bluetooth interface and an RS-232 port.
Using the MiniPlex-BT multiplexer has some major advantages: Data from multiple instruments is available in one single Bluetooth connection, solving wiring problems.

The two NMEA outputs (talker ports) allow distribution of the NMEA data to up to eight instruments.
The MiniPlex-BT communicates with a computer or a PDA through it's Bluetooth wireless interface for computerized agitation. No cables need to be attached. Just placing your laptop at the chart table, or just being on board for that matter, is enough to communicate with your navigation system.
The RS-232 port can be used in the same way as the Bluetooth interface. Data from the instruments is available on both interfaces simultaneously. Data from connected computers is received on both interfaces, combined and sent to the NMEA Output.
This is very useful when a fixed computer is permanently connected to the RS-232 port, while a PDA with a Bluetooth interface is used as a portable system or a repeater. When the multiplexer is set to Hub mode, it will even pass information from the computer to the PDA and vice versa.

  • NMEA in : 4 x NMEA-183/RS-422 isolated
  • NMEA out : 1 x Bluetooth/RS-232, 2 x NMEA-183/RS-422
  • Power consumption : 100 mA
  • Dimensions : 138 x 62 x 30mm
  • Supply voltage : 8-35V DC
  • NMEA in speed : 4800 Bauds (4800/38400 sur l'entrée N°3)
  • NMEA out speed - RS232 : 4800, 9600, 19200 or 38400 Baud
  • Waranty : 2 years

Warning : MaxSea Easy and v12 users : Serial Splitter software is needed if an AIS receiver is connected to the system.

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