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Whether you use a sextant as a backup against GPS failure, or just for the enjoyment, WinAstro will do all of your sight reduction calculations.

From your Estimated Position and planned time of sight, WinAstro will list the predicted azimuth and altitude of all the bodies. Select the one you want to take a fix on, set the sextant to the altitude and point it in the right direction, to take the sight. Take the sextant reading and time of sight, enter it into WinAstro, and it gives you a line of position.Just select the body you are taking a sight on, and the planned t enter the time and sextant reading

WinAstro offers the following tools to help you with your astro navigation:

  • Information on the sun, moon, and planets and stars used for astro-navigation
  • The perpetual almanac means the software doesn't expire or need updates
  • Predicts the altitude and azimuth of all bodies for a given time and position
  • Height of eye and index error corrections
  • Shows the line of position graphically and as a list of co-ordinates to plot out
  • Maintains an estimated position between sights
  • Maintains a sight log

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