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TideWizard gives you all the tide predictions you need, from 1900 through to 2100. Using official data licenced from Hydrographic Offices to ensure accuracy, TideWizard gives you the following information:

  • Tabulated times and heights of high and low water
  • Tabulated and graphical height of tide at whatever time interval you wish
  • A graph of the range of the tide
  • Position, time zone and summer/daylight saving time of each station
  • Height offsets between the land mapping datum and the vertical datum used for many of the tidal stations
  • Notes on the tidal characteristics at many of the todal stations

You can enhance things by setting the depth units; using local or UTC time; and setting clearance depths and heights.

All of this information can be displayed on the screen, printed off, or saved to a file (CSV or HTML for tables, JPEG or PNG for graphics).

TideWizard is available in a number of versions covering the following regions:

  • France
  • Europe
  • Worldwide

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