RO Wind7 Ultrasound Anemometer


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RO Wind Ultrasound Anemometer

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RO Wind is a new generation wind measurement sensor giving the speed and relative angle of the wind and the air temperature.

This sensor can be linked to all equipment using the NMEA standard 0183 or to a computer.


  • Mechanically robust: knocks, gusts of wind, birds etc.
  • Lack of wear: no rotating parts
  • Not sensitive to the gyroscopic effect: hence great precision in light winds.
  • Minimised windage and the effect of heel compensated
  • Open standard compatible with the majority of repeaters.

Operating principle:

Sound and ultrasound is carried by the movement of a fluid through which it passes. Four electro-acoustic transducers communicate two by two using ultra-sound signals to determine, in their orthogonal axes, the difference in transit times of the waves, induced by the air flow. The measurements are used in an integrated computer to establish the wind characteristics and its direction relative to a reference axis. The measurement of temperature serves to refine the calibration. The method is accurate to within 0.5 knots, has a range of up to 100 knots and excellent linearity.


  • RO Wind sensor head (330g)
  • 25 m coaxial cable fitted with a TNC connector
  • Box for supply and reader display
  • Installation leaflet
  • Fixing system

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