Modem Pactor III Pro USB

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Modem Pactor III Pro USB

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The ultimate HF modem!!! Fast, complete, with PACTOR3! Send e-mails, transfer files, establish links in direct!With 2 RAM Mb, it integrate an USB & TTL interface for piloting the majority of transmitters, and integrate an TCXO for more stability. It has a fonction enabling GPS datas transmision. Reduced consumption. Only 200mA in 13.8 V The VHF and UFH velocity can be as 19200bds. The PTC3PRO integrates an audio amplifier for headset exit, and enables the use of its DSP for alla audio source. Suppiled with USB, audio and remote cables.Pactor-III is our new datas transmission mode wich is upper than Pactor-II in transmission rapidity and endurance.FOr a permanent use you need a licence!

Compatible with BLU ICOM. Others BLU, please ask us.

Pactor works with SailMail or ProxSea.

SailMail : If you don't have amatorradio certificate, SailMail could interest you. This is the WinkLink comercial version. SailMail works on marine frecuencies and has biggest use constraints. The acces is limited in 10 minutes per day per station. Mails are limited in 5Ko (10Ko in P3) attached files are not supported and meteo files are limited in 10Ko. The cost: 200 $ US per year.

PROXSEA enables mails, fax and data files.
• Automatic acces at the telephonic sea-earth red.

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