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Digital sea-weather USB receiver for PC

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Digital sea-weather receiver for the PC (USB) - European-wide weather information (DWD) - World-wide Navtex receipt - Barograph

  • Sea-weather forecasts of the DWD (German weather service) on short and long wave
  • Facsimile weather charts of the DWD (weather fax)
  • NAVTEX at 518 kHz (internationally, English)
  • NAVTEX at 490 kHz (national, national language)
  • Decoded Synop messages of the DWD
  • Very simply to program
  • Automatic frequency tuning
  • Diagram of the air pressure process, with tendency announcement
  • Display of the weather forecasts on PDA possible
  • Use free of charge for the Skipper
  • Optional active antenna BENTEN

Sea-weather forecasts of the DWD

The German weather service (DWD) sends sea-weather forecasts on one long and five short wave frequencies. With WIBE the reception of forecasts for the next 24h, 2- and 5-days (in German and English language) are possible.

DWD sea weather

Weather charts of the DWD
In addition to the plain text sea-weather forecasts weather charts in facsimile style are also sent. After receiving data from the german weather service they are represented on the PC monitor.

DWD facsimile


NAVTEX of the costal radio stations
The equipment is able to receive world-wide the NAVTEX messages of the costal radio stations on the frequencies 490 kHz and 518 kHz.
NAVTEX messages e.g. contain: Nautical warnings, distress messages, weather forecasts, strom-warnings.

Synop/Ship messages from the DWD
The Synop messages are stored by the wetterinfobox and represented as wind arrows in a pixel map on PC.

The air pressure is noted during one period of maximally seven days. The air pressure process can be indicated then on the PC.


Technical data:

  • Frequencies: 147,3kHz, 490kHz, 518kHz, 3,8MHz - 14,5MHz
  • Antenna connection: 50 ohms, for external active antenna or isolated backstay (Balun)
  • Pressure sensor: Air pressure sensor with 0,1hPa resolution
  • PC-Port: USB Full speed
  • Operating systems: Windows 2000, XP, VISTA
  • Min. screen resolution: 1024x768 pixel
  • Data memory: 4MB Flash (non volatile)
  • Card slot: SD- and MMC Cards
  • Decoding: RTTY for DWD weather, Sitor for NAVTEX, F1C for DWD facsimile
  • Operating voltage: 12V, power input only approx. 80-120 mA
  • Dimensions: approx. 130x45x90mm

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