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MaxSea Explorer includes MaxSea Easy Sport Fishing with AIS / ARPA included module and is compatible with NavNet v1 and Vx2 navigation systems.

MaxSea Explorer is the perfect software for all the navigators tha also want to fish on board !
The pack includes :

  • MaxSea Easy : MaxSea Navigator + V12and charts zone .mm2 (to choose in the above list)
  • The module 2D3D PBG (Personal Bathy Generator) that allows to create your own 3D data base
  • A CD with worldwide oceanic funds data base

2D3D PBG module
Allows to create it's own 3D data base using GPS conection and an apropiated fishfinder.
MaxSea will register one sounding point each second and can detail up to 1.5m x 1.5 (with several scaning of each zone).
Therefore with the meteo module you can overlay oceanic datas : to allow the fisher the search the perfect zone for fishing it' prefered fish !

Supplementary modules can plan paths with meteorological information (subscription to this service not included) as well as organize boat races with information such as laylines, current activity, polar/speed efficiency of the boat, etc.

Underkeel clearance can be displayed as well as tide currents (atlas sold separately).

MaxSea Navigator + Weather module included
Delivered with 24 road maps of the world

arrow_green.gifRequired configuration for MaxSea Easy

The USB dongle enables using MaxSea on different computers.

The weather module
Displays digital weather data. Forcasts from 48 hours up to 5 days, feathers with force and direction of wind are visible on-screen.
Trough areas appear in red, zones between 10 and 20 knots in violet and calm zones in blue.
An animation can be generated in order to visualize the evolution in the hours and days to come .
This free information can be obtained at the Navcenter site or through specialized suppliers such as Météo France or Météo Consult (precision of 0,1° by 0,1°).

pdf.jpg Download the Maxsea Easy data sheet

pdf.jpg Download the Maxsea Météo data sheet

Additional licences and updates:
Contact us for a personal quote.

arrow_green.gifMapMedia cartography

MaxSea tutorials

pdf.jpg Saving plots/traces

Flash demos

Macromedia Flash player required. Click here to download.

arrow_green.gifMaxSea Easy installation
arrow_green.gifAir photos
arrow_green.gifModifying interface
arrow_green.gifMaking a path
arrow_green.gifMaking an advaced path
arrow_green.gifIP forNavnet configuration
arrow_green.gifNavnet configuration
arrow_green.gifMaking a path without connected instruments
arrow_green.gifFast path
arrow_green.gifPath construction
arrow_green.gif2D/3D interface


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