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MaxSea 2D / 3D

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A system powerful enough to satisfy the most demanding Captain, yet intuitive enough to provide information for the entire crew; that's the driving concept behind MaxSea for commercial fishing. It represents the ideal intersection of high technology with practical seamanship.

arrow_green.gifMain functions of MaxSea

Connect all of your instruments on-board including GPS, sea temperature and depth sensors.

Use raster and vector charts from Mapmedia, Maptech, C-MAP, ARCS, Softcharts and NDI.
You can even use your C-MAP NT+ cardridges.

Record valuable information, tracks and marks with MaxSea's easy to use layering.
Document your voyages automatically with the most advanced log-book available.

Accurate, easy to use, and nicely displayed sea surface temperature and weather

MaxSea PLOT 2D/3D - generate your own bathymetric charts

MaxSea 2D/3D gives you all of the power of MaxSea Plot along with the most advanced view of the ocean floor available. Additional modules like AIS / ARPA target tracking, seabed classification and trawl position systems all work together with one, unified and easy to use system.

arrow_green.gifVieso demonstration of MaxSea 3D/PBG

Le dongle USB permet d'utiliser MaxSea sur des ordinateurs différents.

Ajoutez des modules supplémentaires pour encore plus de possibilités…

Advanced Seabed Classification - Depending on the species you are fishing, you may need to identify hard ground (e.g. small pelagics, lobsters, monkfish…), or sea floor roughness before you drop your fishing gear (e.g. seiners, bottom trawlers, etc.). By combining both hardness and roughness information, you can quickly identify the bottom habitats for a particular species. MaxSea and SeaScan have teamed up to provide a solution. accurate view of the bottom.

AIS Target Tracking - Automatic Identification Systems have been characterized as the greatest advance in navigation safety since the invention of radar. Find out how MaxSea can bring this state of the art vessel traffic management system to your pilot house.
ARPA and Buoy Target Tracking - ARPA (Automatic Radar Plotting Aids) equipped radar is now more affordable than ever, making it a great tool for collision avoidance on both large and small vessels. While these systems produce some wonderful data, they are not always easy to use, and when displayed on a small yacht-sized radar screen, can be hard to interpret. With MaxSea, you can also track Serpe, Ryokusei (Ryokuseisha) or Linemaster fishing buoys

pdf.jpg GPS configuration for MaxSea

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