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With ScanNav, prepare your next coming cruises at home by examining maps in all their details, create waypoints, routes, calculate distances, ... When back from navigation, continue enjoying your trip by analyzing all details of your track that will have been memorized on your pc.

  • Charts :
    • Charts compatibility : Accepts "Raster" (BSB, Maptech, SoftChart,..) and/or ENC S 57, vector Navionics (Platinum and Gold, with USB card reader) also aerial hpotographs and satellite pictures (MrSid),
    • Charts workshop : For scanning your own charts or correct existing charts. It also allows you to add mini-charts with details since vrious guides to complete your cartography, or captures from Google Earth.
    • "Seamless" management of charts : You just tell once to ScanNav where your maps are on your disk (or CD-ROM), he will then manage them automatically to show the best fitted chart(s) on screen according to current location and scale level. Several maps may be combined together automatically so as to cover the whole screen, even if at different scales. You will therefore never have a partial blank screen even if navigating on borders of the map.
  • Preparing your next cruise :
    • waypoints, routes, zones (danger, fishing, etc), calculation of course, distance, estimated arrival time...
    • NMEA simulation, allowing to overview a course on the chart without GPS,
    • Dynamic logbook since registrered marks, Google Earth report available.
  • Navigation :
    • GPS connexion for real time tracking of the boat evolutions (with alarms and registration of all the marks). Transfer of the GPS idata to PC and PC to GPS.
    • Conexion with other on-board instruments (NMEA),
    • Display the repetitors (navigation, on board navigation intrumentation), night display,
    • Navigation help, MOB, danger zones...
  • Meteo Module (optional) : You can download GRIB files since internet and see it as superposition on the charts.

  • Tide and currents Module (optional) : Displays currents informations from the SHOM tides annuary. The water height is given by an external module with worldwide information.
    In addition to the module you will need to buy tides zones following your needs (40€ VAT inc. for each zone).
  • AIS module  (optional) : Being connected to an AIS receiver, you can see on the screen complete inforation about the boats that are in a range of 25 MN (boats equiped with an AIS transceiver, mandatory for all more than 300 Tx boats), anti collision alarma.

pdf.jpgSee tides and currents zones

arrow_green.gif See MapTech compatible charts

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arrow_green.gifSee Navionics USB card reader

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