Wind mill strong power ATMB D400 - 500W - 12V


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Wind mill strong power ATMB D400 - 550 W - 12 V

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Wind mill ATMB D400 is the auxiliary ideal to charge the batteries with the boats of voyages. Its power allows him stage with all the consumers of the edge. Thus, it provided 91 Amps per day with 9 nodes of wind only, its curve is single in its category. It is the currently produced most powerful wind mill.
Wind mill ATMB D400 was designed to deliver an amperage raised with low speeds of wind, it is extremely quiet and functions without vibrations. The empennage has an anti-turbulence special profile. The alternator high output, the profile of pale make it possible to function with slow mode. (1200 turns maximum).
The advantages of D400 are its high efficiencies the production exceeds 500 Watts with 40 Nodes. This wind mill innovates of share its quality of manufacture and its design. It is a pledge of long-term reliability.

Technical characteristics

  • Reference : D400-12
  • Power 500 Watts with 40 Nodes not limited
  • Profi L pale airfoil not variable type low Reynolds
  • Diameter propeller: 1.10m - Starting 5 Nodes
  • Diameter of rotation: 585 mm
  • Weight: 15 kg
  • Guaranteed conformity THIS/: 2 years
  • Male base plate diam.42 mm
  • Alternator 12 poles
  • Stator isolated and drowned in the epoxy aluminium
  • Casing covered from epoxy painting to the furnace

Optional products

  • Fixation kit : The fixation kit for wind mill allows to install your wind mill panel where you wish to use.
  • Charge regulator LVM6TB12 for wind mill D400-12V : The use of a LVM6TB12 (optional) for wind mill D400-12V is strongly recommended in order to protect the batteries from the overload.

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