Compound hydro-generator / wind mill DuoGen


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Compound hydro-generator / wind mill DuoGen 2 - 12V - Mast 1,60m

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DuoGen, combining a powerful hydro-generator and a wind mill in only one product, makes it possible to ensure a constant load the batteries of the edge, some is the program of navigation. The production makes it possible to compensate for the consumption of all the apparatuses during cruising (radar, pilot, refrigerators, fires,& ).
Used in hydro-generator mode, conversion is fast, it is carried out in a few seconds without tools. Offering a modern and elegant design, DuoGen settles easily and requires only little maintenance. Robust and tested on under all the conditions and all the seas, it compensates for the power consumption of the boat of the edge of the 5.5 Nodes of wind. It is available in 3 heights of masts for boats Up to 70 ' and can be equipped with a specific propeller for catamarans.
Used in wind mode, rotation is slow and very quiet. Protected against on winds, the stop is done easily: it keep out of wind while turning the handle on the empennage. the Pale dismountable ones quickly for the arrangement in a provided bag. DuoGen is protected from on winds.

Technical characteristics

  • Reference : DuoGen12 ou DuoGen24
  • Voltage : 12 V or 24V
  • Guarantee 2 years
  • Hydro-generator mode:
    • 8 amps at 6 Nodes (100W)
    • 11.5 amps at 7 Nodes (150W)
    • 16 amps at 8 Nodes (200W)
    • Trail minimum - 0.15 Nodes
  • Wind mill mode:
    • 3 amps at 10 Nodes (40W)
    • 7 amps at 15 Nodes (90W)
    • 12 amps at 20 Nodes (150W)
  • Diferent versions :
    • DuoGen 1 : 1.30 meter mast
    • DuoGen 2 : 1.60 meter mast
    • DuoGen 3 : 1.85 meter mast

Optional products

  • Charge Regulator : The use of a charge regulator is essential for the management of the load of the batteries.
  • Switch stop

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