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Iridium - Postpaid

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67,90 € tax incl.

Iridium is the only Satellite network to be global, that is to say that any part on Earth is covered, including the Poles.
The Iridium network is constituted of 66 satellites in low orbits transmiting your calls.
Iridium is now a leader of the satellites communication on the maritime market because of its reliability and its global coverage area.
The Iridium service is also the good solution for explorators who need a portable equipment, light and easy to use.

Voice services
Iridium's voice service offers nearly the same quality as the GSM network.
When you subscribe to Iridium, we will give you an international call number of 12 digits, which will always remain the same, wherever you are.
You will also have access to a personnal voice mail, which you will be able to reach from you Iridium equipment, but also from any fixed line.

Data services
The Iridium network also offers to make data transfer at 2400 bps et up to 10 Kbps.
These rates allow you to send e-mail and to receive meteorologic files.
This service is availibale on all Iridium equipments, through an optional data kit.
E-SAT can provide you with data compression software, to accelerate your transfers.

To contact you, your correspondants can send you free SMS from Internet.


Postpaid subscription for 12 months minimum - phone calling without limitation.

One postpaid SIM card provided.

Monthly subscription: 45,06 € HT included. Activation fees offered

You will be invoiced monthly, access on communications details on request.

Payment by direct debit on your account

Communication cost detail

Iridium to PSTN or GSM networks0,90€ HT / mn
Iridium to Iridium0,55€ HT / mn
Iridium to other sat networks8,28€ HT / mn
Iridium to voice message0,55€ HT / mn
Iridium to DATA session1,11€ HT / mn
Incoming call via US gateway1,11€ HT / mn
SMS0,32€ HT / SMS

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