Battery charger CTek XS7000 - 12V



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Battery charger CTek XS7000 - 12V

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The battery charger CTek Mutli XS 7000 12 V is an ideal charger for the needs for load of your caravan, your car or your boat. The charger agrees perfectly with any use during year. Thanks to his mode SUPPLY , the charger brings electricity even without battery. The SUPPLY mode is essential during the change of battery since you avoid losing adjustments of expensive programs. The mode GIVEN IN STATE RECOND enables you to correct the acid stratification crystallization which occurs regularly for the strongly discharged batteries. Thus the current of the battery is restored and this one at a greater lifespan.

It has entirely automatic cycle of load in 3 phases with maintenance procedures by impulses (let connect your charger during the wintering). It is compatible for all the types of lead-acid batteries (liquid or absorptive electrolyte, freezing). It lays out a witness of load and maintenance and a protection against the inversions of polarity and the short-circuits. Absence of spark.

Technical characteristics

  • Sector power supply : 220-240v/50-60hz
  • Battery voltage : 12V
  • Charge current : 7A
  • Battery capacity max 225Ah
  • Protection indice : IP65
  • Dimensions : 191 x 89 x 48
  • Weight (kg) : 0.8
  • Warranty : 1 year

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