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Discover our range of land and marine maps.

World cartography in different scales.

  • C-Map


  • Navionics

  • Garmin

    All the Garmin marine cartography for your compatible Garmin GPS

  • MapMedia

    mm2 charts are compatible with MaxSea version 11 and upper.

    pdf.jpg MapMedia Zones .mm2

    mm3d charts are compatible with MaxSea Time Zero & Furuno Navnet 3D.

    pdf.jpg MapMedia Zones .mm3d

  • MapTech

    Other zones :


    The world standard for navigation with computers

    Maptech is the world standard for raster maps published in BSB format. Maptech maps are compatible with more than 100 navigation systems such as:

    • MaxSea
    • SeaPro
    • Fugawi
    • ScanNav
    • RayTech
    • Memory Map
    • Nobeltec

    Every CD includes a free version of the navigation software Offshore Navigator Lite.

    Maptech reproduce the marin maps of the biggests cartography institutes with all the details and the colors already present in the paper versions. With more than 4500 disponible maps, MapTech dispose of a worldwide coverage.

    The scanned maps are published on CD organized by zone. Every CD contains more than 20 complete charts with the depth and the currents on the zone covered by the Bristish Admiralty and the NOAA.

    cartes marines MaptechSee an example of chart

    down.jpg Download a demonstration version of Offshore Navigator

    carte marine Maptech Download an example of chart (Maptech British Admiralty Chart 0002 - British Isles) visible with Memory Map Pocket Navigator software allready downloadable here .

    Documentation on MapTech charts registration

    Documentation on MapTech charts registration with Mac OS

    pdf.jpg Difference between Offshore Navigator and Offshore Navigator Light

    down.jpg Download OSN Lite 5.07d (30 Mo) updating

    down.jpg Download OSN 5.07d (50 Mo) updating

    2009-2010 Tide and currents update

    Download and install the uptade corresponding to your OSN version then download and install (Readme included) this patch. Once update is complete, go to Map menu > Map list > "advanced map organization" and then click on "reconstruct".

    down.jpg Tides and currents patch 2009-2010

    Updating of the maps

    Maptech is continuously updating its charts portfolio following a cyclic program. New version are puclished annually, identified by an edition number or by the year.

    How to update your maps?
    Simply sending us your CD with the total of the order following this above rules: (your first purchase proof is necesary) or contact us .

    If you have bought it less than 3 month before the next edition publicationGratuit
    If you have it since more than 3 month and the updating is consecutive to your version- 50%
    For non consecutive versions and other updatings- 20%

    Patch Windows XP
    On a few systems, some DLL files are not accurately installed. To resolve this incompatibility, download this file and then double click on this one.

    This patch works on upper versions than Chart Navigator 5.0x et Offshore Navigator 5.0x. Verify than the Chart/Offshore Navigator is not open during this process.

    For Mac users : GPSNavX

  • Magellan

  • Magellan MapSend Topo

  • Topo Garmin

    The hikking cartohpy that works with all Garmin GPS (with SD card reader) Oregon 450, Oregon 450T, Oregon 550, Oregon 550T, Dakota 20, Dakota 10 (with Garmin GPS topo software) ...

  • Memory Map

    Memory-Map is the first to bring these desirable products as an ideal accompaniment for planning your walking, cycling, camping or even winter trips abroad in the mountains. In the summer, these maps are perfect for walking, mountain biking or off-road driving. In the winter, check out the popular ski and snowboard areas. Using the fascinating 3D World tool, you can impress your friends and family recording 3D Flythrough movies of your favourite routes and tracks. When using a GPS, see how quickly you climbed or descended down the mountain by importing your GPS tracklog.

    Two versions of the Top 25 products are available.

    IGN France Top 25 1:25,000 Standard Edition - CD
    The Memory-Map IGN Standard Edition range splits the Premium areas (see below) into small sub-sections giving 38 titles to cover the whole of France. Each region includes detailed 1:25,000 scale topographical maps, a 1:250,000 Road Map of France and of course our award winning Memory-Map software for PC, Pocket PC and Smartphone. Standard Editions are supplied on CD.

    IGN France Top 25 1:25,000 Premium Edition - DVD
    A total of 10 Premium Edition products cover France with high quality IGN Top 25 1:25,000 scale topographical maps and detailed aerial photography. Premium Editions are supplied on DVD.


  • Maps for Fugawi

  • Maps for Touratech

  • Garmin City Navigator

    Garmin City Navigator

  • Navigation Software

    Discover our range of land and marine navigation softwares. This range includes softwares that can run on computers, Palms and Pocket PCs for a large using potential.

    Compatibility Navigation software / Marine maps

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