Battery marinates gel Haze 80Ah-12V


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Battery marinates gel Haze 80 Ah 12 V

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The marine batteries gel Haze allow marinate utilisation and agree as well with the services applications, starting, solar, ...

Its use last technologies plates calcium and acid gelled. The separators of the plates are realized by the German leader on the matter. The design of the base uses microporous duroplastic, that makes it possible to obtain a very good stability with the high temperatures and gets a good mechanical resistance to the shocks and the vibrations.

The integrity of the battery remains maintained even under the extreme conditions of use. All the models incorporate a valve of safety and have a system of recycling of the gases (recovery with + of 99%). These batteries are insensitive with the list and do not require a specific formwork.

Main characteristics

  • Capacity of total refill even after complete discharge
  • Very weak auto discharge
  • Ideal for cycling of daily use
  • Excellent performances even after deep discharges
  • Good tolerance with the high temperatures
  • No need for load of equalization
  • Thick plates to improve the insulation and to increase the lifespan
  • Separator in polymer of high-quality to avoid the courts circuits and to improve resistance
  • Can be discharged even in the course of refill

Technical characteristics

  • Capacity (Ah) : 80
  • Voltage : 12 Volts
  • Dimensions (mm) : 259x168x211
  • Weight (kg) : 25.1
  • CCA at 20°C : 740
  • Intensity Amps/Max : 2100

Total weight of the parcel : 28 Kg

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