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The tracking system is simple and inexpensive. It provides a method of remotely tracking a vessel and displaying the information via the Internet on any computer.

The transceiver is the only physical element you need to install on the boat. It contains GPS and software to provide bi-directional communications with the INMARSAT satellite constellation.

The information of your vessels' position, speed and heading is transmitted back to the host server. The data is then converted into a simple visual format and displayed on electronic charts. All you need is any computer with Internet access to view actual (live) position of your yacht as well as past voyages.

The system is secure and password protected with various levels of management access available to the system.

The terminal is weather proof and small enough to be concealed on board. It requires a DC voltage input between 9 to 30 volts.

pdf.jpg DMR specification sheet

The INMARSAT constellation of satellites offer worldwide coverage excluding the North and South Poles. The 4 geo stationary satellites are located above the equator at 35,500 kilometers.


The terminal on board sends data about its position to the satellites and is relayed to the terrestrial station in real time. This is the physical connection beteween the satellite constellation and the Internet.

The inforamtion combined with cartography allows the system to represent the vessels position on the internet with GPS precision and in real time.

Using your login and password you can therefore view the latest position, heading and speed.

Security Alerts

When you wish to control the operating area of your yacht the system allows you to set up a geofence. When a position report is received outside this area an automatic message can be sent to you by email or to your mobile phone.

Expample of credit cost:

  • Position message (lat, log, course and speed): 1 credit
  • Reprogramming message (change in position report interval): 10 credits
  • Polling message: 4 credits
  • Messages to mobiles GSM: 2 credits

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