MoB Dolphin - Man over Board detector and AIS locator


MoB Dolphin - Man over Board detector and AIS locator

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Man Over Board Dolphin - A newly launched product, is a wireless electronic system designed for crew safety. It may assist in alerting other crew memberson the boat to provide inmediate rescue.

Features :

  • The standard package includes 1 CPU and 2 emission pendants.
  • Supports up to 99 pendants simultaneously.
  • Typical base station range up to 100 ft (30m) extendable with repeaters.
  • Pendant operational battery life up to 2000 hours.
  • Extra loud water proof siren alarm.
  • Activates manually for on-board emergency.
  • Easy to carry on wrist, waist, belt, life-jacket, or pet’s neck.
  • High beam brightness LED on pendant for emergency usage.
  • Compatible with AMEC AIS series products.
  • SRM automatically sent out under emergency.
Radio frequency2.4 GHz2.4 GHz
Power supply9-30VBatterie Li
Operating temperature-15° C / + 55° C-15° C / + 55° C

108 x 96 x 32 mm

59 x 44 x 26 mm
Included equipments1 + cablesx 2

Warranty : 1 year

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