LifeTag Wireless MOB Pendant


LifeTag Wireless MOB Pendant

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Raymarine LifeTag is your personal wireless man overboard system. Utilizing the very latest in radio frequency broadcast technology, LifeTag monitors up to 16 tagged crew members ensuring they are safe and sound onboard.

Each LifeTag pendant broadcasts a unique identification code back to the LifeTag base station, telling it that its wearer is "safe." In the event of man overboard, the link between the victim's pendant and the LifeTag base station is broken and the alarm is raised automatically onboard the boat.

The lightweight LifeTag pendant can be easily attached to your life jacket, PFD, safety harness or belt. Its featherweight (1.5 ounces) and compact size make it unobtrusive and easy to wear. LifeTag's state-of-the-art electronics ensure a long battery life in excess of 200 hours.

Individual LifeTag Wireless Pendant, with CR2 3V lithium battery and strap. Add to any LifeTag Wireless MOB system to protect additional crew members (up to 16 total.)

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