Wireless Lan USB Adapter with dipole antenna + Indoor Fix Gain Booster 17dBi


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Wireless Lan USB Adapter with dipole antenna + Indoor Fix Gain Booster 17dBi

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The transmission power is 15dBm. The connector for 802.11 g 54Mbps Wireless LAN USB adapter is RP-SMA female with the function of adding external high gain antenna. You can use it directly, or connect it with outdoor hi gain antennas. The connector is RP SMA Female so please select RP SMA Male Low Loss pre-assembled cables. The coverage for USB adapter itself is 200 feet, but with 5 dBi dipole antenna is increased to 500 feet. It is suitable for travel and can improve the signal strengths for your laptops. This is a perfect product for individuals who want quick-easy ways to boost the wireless range of their laptops or desktop computers. This is also a perfect solution for wireless ISP's that want to quickly and easily connects their customers to their network with minimal installation time and efforts. USB adapter is the most popular wireless product. After using it, you will know what convenience is. According to our testing, the result shows that USB adapter can reach the best performance when it is installed in desktops or non built-in wifi laptops. Therefore, please disable your built-in wifi before installing the driver and before using it. However, if you connect USB adapter with high gain antennas, e.g. 8 dBi Omni/Panel antennas, you can receive wireless signal from outdoor effectively and efficiently. In a nutshell, our USB adapter is the best bridge for computers and high-gain antenna.

  • Frequency range: 2400 env. 2500 MHz
  • Operation mode: Bi-directional, half duplex, Time division duplex, Auto-switching via carrier sensing
  • Connectors: SMA receptacle
  • Impedance: 50 OHM
  • Frequency Response: +/- 1 dB over operating range.
  • Transmit input power: Max. 200 mW(23dBm), Min. 1mW (0dBm)
  • Output power:   1W(30dBm nominal) for 11g@54Mbps.
    500mW(27dBm nominal) for 11g@54Mbps.
    200mW(23dBm nominal) for 11g@54Mbps.
    100mW(20dBm nominal) for 11g@54Mbps.
  • Transmit Gain: 10dB (Adjustable)
  • Receive Gain: 14dB (Typical)
  • Receive Noise Figure: 3.5dB nominal
  • Operating Humidity: up to 95% relative humidity.
  • Operation temperature:  - 20 env. + 70 °C.
  • Material: All metal construction (Cast Aluminum)
  • DC power: 6V DC Maximum current < 800mA, 90 env. 264V for AC adapter.
  • Amplify Dimension: 3.0 x 2.2 x 1.1 in (7.8 cm x 5.6 cm x 2.9 cm)
  • Amplify: <0.5lb / 0.2 kg,
  • LED Indicators: TX LED

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