Tactical display Nauteek SC100


Tactical display Nauteek SC100

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399,00 € tax incl.

State of the art technology crammed in a pocket sized device, the SC100 offers in an intuitive manner the functionalities usually found on much bigger electronic navigation instruments. All this in a single device with no wires to connect to sensors or power. Just put it where you want on your boat, set the sails and enjoy.

Speed, heading, tactical compass, race timer, all these infos and many more are displayed on its graphical screen in 20 mm to 40 mm high characters.

Whether you are sailing dinghies, catamarans, sport boats or even bigger boats, the SC100 is your perfect partner for training and racing.

It will allow you to hone your settings and analyse the racecourse thanks to all the info delivered by the system.

Afterwards, you will be able to transfer the races or the training of the day to analyse the currents, the headers and lifts, and your speed through the tacks and gybes.

You will now have all you need to perfect your tactics and your skills on the water.

Easy to set up, you will just need to fix it thanks to its industrial strength velcro on its bracket or on a flat surface. There are no cables to wire, no holes to drill, no sensors to clean.

Easy to use, you navigate through scrolling menus on a graphical screen thanks to 6 push buttons with good tactile feedback.

Easy to maintain, we recommend charging it when its battery alarm goes off. Alarm messages are displayed when the battery level gets to 20% and 10% of the maximum capacity of the battery.

Fun and informative, it records your speed and tracks during the races. You will then be able to replay your races, analyse and discuss your tactics to progress quicker.

Training aid, racing aid, tactical tool, you will be able to use it as you wish and bring it with you on any boat you sail on..

Technical characteristics


  • Compass (COG, 1° resolution)
  • Speedo (SOG, 0.1 knot resolution)
  • Tactical compass
  • Race start timer


  • Waterproof, 110 x 85 x 35 mm
  • 210 g
  • 40 mm max display
  • Backlight


  • 30 h battery life - lithium cell
  • 14 h recording capacity


  • Tracks can be transferred to a PC

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