Mobwatcher - Wireless Man Overboard Recovery System


Mobwatcher - Wireless Man Overboard Recovery System

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The Man overboard system which gives you security at sea.

Mobwatcher onboard is wireless safety equipment which gives you complete freedom of movement. If you should fall into the water the engine stops immediately which prevents the boat from travelling away from, or running over you. Two different units communicate with each other onboard using radio waves. One is kept in your pocket and one is connected to the engine. If you fall overboard the unit in the boat senses that communication is broken and stops the engine. If you wish to fend off, prepare to make fast, fish or fetch something onboard you can do so without compromising your safety. Mobwatcher provides freedom of movement and safety, wherever you are and whatever you do onboard.

When does man overboard happen?

If you are in a boat there is always a risk of falling overboard. If the wave pattern changes and the boat suddenly pitches it is easy to lose your balance. In stressful situations and in bad weather the risk is increased.

What can happen?

Anyone falling overboard risks injury from the propeller or being run over by the boat. If the boat disappears you will quickly become chilled which increases the danger of drowning. A pilot less boat can also injure other people on/in the sea, and cause material damage.

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