MaxSea Routing (module for MaxSea)


MaxSea Routing (module for MaxSea)

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A computer can calculate automaticaly, according to polars (heoretical speed of boat depending on angle and strength of wind), weather forecasts and costal currents, the fastest route to reach a destination. The deadlines are fixed every 2 hours (yellow lines) over 24 hour periods (purple lines) all the way to the end of the weather forecast.

The module enables speed optimization for it directs to medium wind speed where sailship speed is increased. It is particularily effecive in helping avoid bad weather areas which is optimal for security. This aspect can be accentuated by strong wind artificialy reduced polars which accentuate research, through algorithms, of routes through hospitable weather zones!

With precise weather and current information obtained through Aladin or Météo France (available through Navimail service by Meteo France) a truly helpful choice of route can be made!

In the route described below, the dotted red line is the is the path to reach the way-point, the red one describes the fasted path to reach the way-point situated at 340 miles from the boat's position.

MaxSea in an itelligent tool to save time and avoid overly calm or disturbed waters.
A board precisely indicates position, TWS and TWA as well as distance between each way-point and distance travelled from starting point.

pdf.jpg Maxsea High Sea technical sheet

If you already have a Maxsea software, please precise us the Dongle number in the Commentary field during your order.

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