MaxSea AIS Plaisance (module for MaxSea)


MaxSea AIS Plaisance (module for MaxSea)

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L'AIS is a security system that requires all trading ships to send out information related to their navigation
With the AIS receptor, the information recived contains at least the name of the ship, it's position, destination, contents and number of people on board.
All information is transmitted through VHF frequencies. An AIS enables free reception of text data.

All information is displayed through graphicst and automaticaly on the MaxSea map. Immeditaly locate ships nearby and simulate conditions of an eventual clash.

A cheap receptor and the AIS module by MaxSea allow a sailor better visibility on clair and detailed maps and anticipation of risks.

Essentail tool in hazy conditions.


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If you already have a Maxsea software, please precise us the Dongle number in the Commentary field during your order.

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